Full-Mouth Reconstruction Reverse Years Of Dental Damage!
  • Get all your teeth back with our help
  • Feel more confident speaking to others
  • Speak clearly, eat easily, & smile freely

Rebuild Your Smile With a Full-Mouth Reconstruction in Renton

Extensive damage to your teeth, or even a complete loss of teeth, doesn’t have to keep you down. A full-mouth reconstruction in Renton at Cedar Dental Group will give you back all your teeth. With over four decades of combined experience, our dental pros can help you:

  • Enjoy a full mouth of functional and beautiful teeth again
  • Eat a wider variety of foods, including favorites you’ve been missing out on
  • Smile confidently and boldly wherever you go
  • Improve your oral health and help prevent problems throughout your body
  • Make talking easier so you avoid embarrassment

Call us today at 425-970-8115, and we’ll help you restore all your teeth! Our friendly office is located at 280 Hardie Ave. SW, Ste. 3 in Renton.

Improve Your Quality of Life With a Full Set of Teeth

Without teeth that work as they should, everyday tasks like chewing and speaking can be a hassle. The team at Cedar Dental Group loves helping patients in these circumstances. It’s a joy to see someone grin from ear to ear when they see their new smile for the first time!

We offer many options for your custom full-mouth rehabilitation, depending on your unique situation and needs. Dental implants may play a big role in your treatment, as these replacement teeth roots can support a variety of dental restorations. They actually fuse with your jawbone, making them a sturdy base for new teeth.

To restore your bite and your smile, we can attach any of the following to your implants to replace missing teeth:

  • Single crowns
  • A bridge
  • dentures

Because they bond with your bone, implants help keep your jawbone healthy and your facial structure intact. This will prevent the bone loss that often occurs with missing teeth.

If you’re not a good candidate for implants, we can:

  • Replace missing teeth with traditional dentures, either full or partial
  • Replace a missing tooth or teeth with fixed bridges that anchor to other teeth
  • Repair damaged teeth with crowns, tooth-colored fillings, inlays, and onlays

No matter what shape your teeth are in, a full-mouth reconstruction in Renton can give you back your smile. Call Cedar Dental Group today at 425-970-8115 to schedule your appointment. You can also make an appointment online. Our extended hours make scheduling easy!

Common Questions About Full-Mouth Reconstruction

What is a full-mouth reconstruction?

A full-mouth reconstruction restores your smile’s appearance and function by replacing most or all of your teeth. Our dentists will work closely with you to determine the teeth replacements that will work best for you. We may recommend dental implants, which can be restored with crowns, bridges, or dentures. Other options include conventional bridges or dentures.

How long does full-mouth reconstruction take?

The time required for a full-mouth reconstruction will vary depending on the procedures you need, the type of replacement teeth you choose, and your oral health. For example, if teeth need to be extracted, your extraction site will need to heal before proceeding with your reconstruction. Similarly, implants may require a healing period.

How much does full-mouth reconstruction cost?

The cost will vary, depending on the procedures needed to complete your full-mouth reconstruction. In addition to replacement teeth, you may need additional treatment(s) such as tooth extractions or bone grafts. Our dentists will work with you to find solutions to fit your budget. They will also be happy to share a cost estimate with you during the planning process and options such as financing to make those costs manageable.

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