Family Dentistry Bring Everyone To One Office
  • Scheduling is easy with our extended hours
  • Get your child used to dentistry with happy visits
  • We can treat your youngest & oldest family members

Receive Care From a Top Family Dentist in Renton

Starting your child off right with proper dental care is an important step in helping them maintain a healthy smile for life. You won’t go wrong when you bring your kids in to see Dr. Courtney or Dr. Tran at Cedar Dental Group. We love caring for kids’ smiles and adult smiles alike! Here’s why you and your child will enjoy care from your Renton family dentist:

  • A kid-friendly waiting area
  • “Happy visits” to get your child acquainted with dental care
  • Extended hours that make it easy to schedule early in the morning or in the evening
  • A convenient location not far from St. Anthony Elementary and other schools
  • Special touches like pillows, blankets, headphones, and a beverage station

Give your family great dental care! Call us today at 425-970-8115 to schedule appointments for everyone.

Begin Your Child’s Oral Hygiene Regimen Early to Protect Their Smile

Stats Image 95% of people think going to the dentist regularly keeps them healthy. Source.
Our dentists enjoy the opportunity to work with kids and find pleasure in getting them started out right with good dental care. Dr. Courtney is particularly good with children and is very knowledgeable about many aspects of children’s dental care. You can feel comfortable trusting your child’s smile to his expertise and gentle care.

It is important to bring your child in at an early age so that routine dental care becomes the norm for them. We recommend scheduling their first visit soon after their first tooth comes through.

We offer a complete set of dental services for kids, including:

  • Teeth cleanings
  • Dental exams
  • X-rays

If we find any problems, we can recommend treatment accordingly. It’s not uncommon for kids to develop cavities and require tooth fillings for repair. Your child’s dentist can also apply tooth sealants to the biting surfaces of teeth to help prevent cavities. These plastic coatings form a protective barrier between your child’s tooth enamel and decay-causing bacteria.

It’s our hope that by providing comprehensive dental care from an early age, we can help your family enjoy a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles.

Visit us soon to get care from an outstanding family dentist in Renton. Call us today at 425-970-8115 to schedule an appointment. You can also make an appointment online.


Find Treatment Options for Your Whole Family

When it comes to dental care, we treat patients from all stages of life, from little children to older adults. You’ll find a wide range of services to treat your smile needs, whether you need a simple cleaning or a full-mouth reconstruction. We offer:

  • General Dentistry – Regular checkups are an essential part of maintaining a healthy smile! Our cleanings and exams will keep your smile in top shape. We also treat gum disease as it arises and can provide additional preventive care through dental sealants and fluoride treatments. You’ll also find treatments for dry mouth or bad breath.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – Want to fix your smile flaws? We have a variety of cosmetic solutions to help you get a beautiful smile, including teeth whitening, veneers, and more.
  • Restorative Dentistry – If you have diseased, damaged, or missing teeth, we can restore the health of your smile through several restorative care options. We even make same-day dental crowns in-house thanks to our E4D system.
  • Dental Implants – Get a solid foundation for your restorations with dental implants. Your teeth will function just like natural teeth with the help of these synthetic tooth roots. We work with an oral surgeon to ensure your procedure goes smoothly. You’ll get your smile back in no time!
  • Oral Surgery – While we prefer to save a tooth, extraction is often necessary for you to keep other teeth healthy or to get you out of pain. We make sure you’re completely comfortable throughout your procedure so you don’t feel a thing. We can also prepare your jawbone for an implant procedure with a socket preservation.


Common Questions About Family Dentistry

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry simply means providing dental care for smiles in all stages of life. We encourage you to bring your child to see us soon after their first tooth appears. That allows us to foster a relationship that we hope will result in a positive attitude toward the dentist. While general dentistry is the usual focus for our youngest patients, we offer a variety of other services for all ages.

Why should I go to a family dentist?

Bringing your whole family to the same dentist simplifies scheduling and payment, including filing insurance claims. It saves time, too, since you won’t need to visit more than one office. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind of bringing your family members to a team you know and trust. You won’t need to worry about vetting multiple dental practices.

What qualifications should I look for in a family dentist?

You’ll want to see a dentist who is comfortable treating patients of all ages. That’s true of both of our dentists, who between them have over four decades of experience. You’ll know right away we’re comfortable with young patients when you see our child-friendly waiting area! Our extended hours are another family-friendly feature. We’re open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. four days a week and offer Friday hours too.

When should a child have their first dental visit?

We encourage you to bring your child in for their first dental visit when their first tooth erupts. This might seem early, but if a child has a tooth, they can have tooth decay. We can advise you on best practices to care for your kids’ teeth. We also try to make visits fun for younger patients so they are less likely to feel anxious as they get older.

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