Protect Your Smile With Our Oral Surgery Expertise

Surgery on your mouth doesn’t have to be a big deal, especially when it’s done at Cedar Dental Group by dentists with over four decades of combined experience. We take pride in providing our patients the most precise and comfortable dental surgery possible, and we have a long list of happy patients as proof.

One of the most common types of oral surgery is a tooth extraction. We’ll always try to save your tooth if possible, for example, with a root canal procedure or a new crown, but if you do need a tooth removed, we’ll do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For maximum comfort, we offer both inhaled sedation using laughing gas and oral conscious sedation with a small pill. Your dentist will answer any questions you have about either option.

Keep Your Jaw Healthy With Socket Preservation

After we remove your tooth, we may recommend a socket preservation procedure:

  • We’ll place a small amount of bone material, either synthetic or from a donor, in the hole where your tooth was.
  • The new bone material will stimulate your jaw to produce bone cells, helping you avoid the bone loss that occurs as a result of a missing tooth.
  • The preserved socket will make it easier to get a dental implant when you’re ready to replace your missing tooth.

Cedar Dental Group is the place to go for oral surgery in Renton. Call us today for a complimentary consultation: 425-970-8115. You can also make an appointment online.