Preserve Your Oral Health With Dental Surgery

There’s no need to visit a specialist or a separate oral surgeon for your surgical care needs. When it comes to getting surgery, you will find comfortable care with Cedar Dental Group. Our dentists have extensive experience helping patients restore their smiles, as proven by our glowing patient testimonials. We perform two types of procedures:

  • Tooth Extraction – This is the most common type of oral surgery we perform. If your tooth is too damaged to repair, we will perform an extraction procedure that will safely remove your tooth. We always try to save a tooth before removing it, though. Ideally we’ll use a root canal or other restorative procedure, like a dental crown, to save your tooth.
  • Socket Preservation Procedure – If you are missing teeth due to tooth loss or a necessary extraction, we may need to prepare your jawbone for an implant procedure to replace your tooth. We will put bone material, either synthetic or from a donor, in your jaw where the tooth used to be. This material will help grow bone cells, to help minimize bone loss in your jaw.

While we use a local anesthetic to numb any area where we are performing surgery, we also offer two types of sedation to help soothe your nerves. You can choose inhaled sedation through laughing gas or oral conscious sedation. Either way, you won’t feel a thing!

If you need oral surgery in Kent, look no further than Cedar Dental Group. Call today at 253-563-0315 for a consultation. You can also schedule online.

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