You have lost your teeth, and you don’t like how this is affecting your everyday life. You know that you want to replace your missing teeth, but you don’t know if you should get dental implants.

Your new teeth will be better with implants from Cedar Dental Group in Renton, WA. Here are three reasons why.

To Secure Your Smile

You probably know someone who has traditional dentures. You have witnessed their “teeth” slide around or heard them complain about denture adhesives. By getting implants, you won’t have those concerns. Implants anchor crowns, bridges, and dentures in place, so they feel as stable as healthy, natural teeth.

To Restore Your Biting Power

Being able to eat a variety of foods is good for your overall health and your enjoyment of meals. Because implants create a direct connection from your jawbone to your restorations, you are able to general more than enough force to eat whatever you would like.

To Protect Your Healthy Jaw

That direct connection to your jaw has another benefit as well. Your implants stimulate your jaw much like roots did. That stimulation leads to the creation of new bone tissue. This prevents the kind of bone loss that is common with missing teeth and traditional dentures.

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