As dentists, we know everyone needs at least an occasional reminder to take good care of their teeth. It turms out that even includes geniuses. We were surprised to discover that Thomas Edison used to bite into a wooden piano. As this video explains, it helped the hard-of-hearing inventor “hear” sounds. We have to admit, that’s pretty clever. But take it from us, don’t use your teeth as tools! 

Tooth enamel is an incredibly hard substance. Still, it can be damaged by biting into hard substances or using your teeth as tools. That’s a particular risk during the holidays, since it can be tempting to rip into packages or tear off price tags with your teeth. Use scissors or a similar tool instead. It will protect your teeth – and probably work better for those kinds of tasks too. 

You should avoid cracking nut shells with your teeth. Get a nutcracker and use it. And don’t crunch down on ice, popcorn kernels, or other hard substances.

If you manage to damage a tooth despite all of these precautions, our dentists can repair it with a dental crown or other restorative treatment. Thanks to our E4D system, you can get a crown in a single visit to our office. Most practices have crowns made at an outside lab – which means waiting at least a week and often longer. 

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