It’s almost Halloween! As you get your costumes in order, we encourage you to think about protecting your dental health during this fun time of year. The last things you want to worry about are gum disease and tooth decay haunting your teeth and gums. So, we’re sharing a few ways you and your family can make it a teeth-friendly Halloween:

  • Eat dinner before going trick-or-treating.

If you and your children are going out trick-or-treating, have dinner before you go. Your kids will be less likely to indulge in too much candy when they come back.

  • Avoid hard or chewy candies.

Hard candies and really chewy candies like Now & Laters are bad for your teeth. The sticky part is much more likely to stick to your enamel and is harder to brush away. Eliminate them from the candy bag before your child (or you!) indulge.

  • Set aside time for treats.

Once Halloween is over, your child will have a supply of candy that will last them for several weeks. Make sure you set aside a certain time for treats, like during lunch or after dinner. Don’t let it be an ongoing indulgence all day long. Allow for a few treats around a certain time to limit them, but without taking away the enjoyment.

  • Make a plan to donate candy.

There are many organizations that accept donations for candy. It may not sound like a big deal but when you are away from home, small touches like candies can be a warming reminder. So, talk to your child about setting aside some candy to donate. Treats for Troops and Operation Gratitude are just two that will ship out candy donations!

  • Come in for a dental checkup.

Since this is a time of year filled with many indulgences, make sure you have a family dental checkup scheduled. We’ll do a thorough cleaning and examine your and your loved ones’ smiles to ensure they are in top shape.

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