Since it’s July, most of us will be celebrating our country’s independence. As your dentists, we think July is a great time to gain your independence from dentures. While conventional dentures allow you to smile and eat again, they just aren’t as much like natural teeth as dentures secured with implants. 

To see if you’re a candidate for implant dentures, call us today for an appointment at the Cedar Dental Group location most convenient for you: 425-970-8115 (Renton WA) or 253-563-0315 (Kent WA). 

In the meantime, see some of the freedoms dental implant dentures can give you:

  • Freedom From Embarrassment – Our forefathers recognized the need for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, that last one can be difficult with dentures that shift around or even pop out at inopportune times. Implants are embedded in your jaw where your bone fuses to them. So they keep your teeth securely in place – no adhesive needed. No more embarrassing moments at social gatherings! 
  • Freedom to Enjoy Foods You Like – You can eat anything you’d like with teeth that are anchored to implants. Choose your favorites from the menu with no worries about a weak bite or dentures that become dislodged. 
  • Freedom From Complicated Cleaning – Conventional dentures require special cleaning routines. Depending on the kind of implant dentures you choose, you may be able to simply brush and floss as you always have. 
  • Freedom to Look as Young as You Feel – You may recognize a dentures wearer by the sunken appearance of their face. It’s due to shrinkage in the jaw caused by bone loss. Implants act like tooth roots when they are inserted into your jaw, stimulating the bone to keep it intact and healthy. This means your face will look fuller and younger. 

Ready to gain your independence from dentures? Call us today at 425-970-8115 for Renton or 253-563-0315 for Kent.